A virtual health club

BUILD Health Club is a virtual health club based at Chandler Park. Our club focuses on improving fitness, health and nutritional behaviors of 48213 residents. We will offer an array of resources to reduce Obesity and its impacts on Heart Disease and Type-2 Diabetes among families living in the community, including:

  • Food & Nutrition Education and Resources
  • Fitness Classes and Resources
  • Clinical Healthcare and Holistic Wellness Resources
  • Improvements to the Built Environment that Increase Safety & Appeal

The extensive redevelopment at Chandler Park - and the many resources in proximity to the park - will provide us with the opportunity to directly target 48213 residents, while creating opportunities that positively impact the greater community. This process will involve multi-sector coalition building, residents engagement, targeted advocacy, and community-based programming.

BUILD Health Club will create a supportive community with 48213 that encourages residents to improve their health. Our club will also help reduce social isolation amongst 48213 residents (especially seniors), by providing them with opportunities for positive, inter-generational interaction and sharing resources that improve quality of life on an individual level.