BUILD Health Club will provide participants with clinical healthcare resources, to reduce obesity and its impacts on heart disease and type-2 diabetes. These resources will include regular health screenings and physicals facilitated by St. John Hospital and Medical Center, as well as workshops such as 'Preventing Type-2 Diabetes', 'Getting Your Heart Disease Under Control', 'The Science Behind Obesity', and more. These programs will allow us to educate residents on their current health, create a base by which to measure their improvement, and build internal wellness profiles for each participant.


Physical fitness is essential to maintaining health. Our programming will provide exercise opportunities for the entire community, including neighborhood-based biking and walking groups, yoga, exercise classes, boot camps, tennis, amateur sports leagues and more. In order to bring in the virtual aspect of our health club, many of our exercise programs will teach residents how to do the workouts found in mobile applications such as Nike Training Club, Nike Running, and Map My Bike. To create long-lasting changes, residents must know how to maintain their fitness individually; teaching classes in this manner will empower residents to take control of their physical fitness, become comfortable with their bodies, and make exercising a habit that can be maintained when they are not at the park.


Nutrition is a cornerstone of good health and is integral to improving the health of people suffering from obesity, heart disease and type-2 diabetes. BUILD Health Club will provide workshops and demonstrations that teach participants how to prepare fresh produce to maximize nutritional value, how to shop for fresh produce on a budget, which fruits and vegetables are best for certain health ailments, healthy ways to prepare their favorite meals, how to start their own gardens, and more. Residents will also be introduced to mobile applications and other technological tools they can use to refresh their memory and further their nutritional education.