Primary Data Collection

After selecting our health outcomes, we initiated a community outreach process to collect primary data from 48213 residents. We did so to learn what the community's needs and wants as it related to their physical health and redevelopment at Chandler Park. Our Community Outreach Subcommittee assembled a Resident Corps consisting of residents from Chandler Park Neighborhood Association, Georgia Street Community Collective, Gratiot Woods Coalition, and Ravendale Community Center. These residents acted as a focus group for our community survey questions and conducted the actual surveys throughout 48213's neighborhoods between February 2016 and March 2016. 

Through our analysis of the survey responses, we determined that residents were interested in participating in Chandler Park-based health, fitness and nutritional programming; wanted an increase in police presence at the park; and were lacking some resources needed to begin their journey to better health.

survey results

Our Resident Corps were able to get 1,051 residents to complete our health survey! The charts below contain some of the most interesting survey responses.

Do you feel that Chandler Park is safe?

How do you get to Chandler Park?

How often do you workout?

What type of exercise do you enjoy?

If Chandler Park offered exercise classes and equipment, would you use them?

Where do you usually get your groceries?

If Chandler Park had healthy cooking and nutrition classes, would you use them?

If a community garden was created at Chandler Park, would you buy fruits and vegetables from the garden?

To view the rest of our primary data, please send a data request to